Hey there! I am Steve and I wanted to tell you a bit about myself. I have always been an artist at heart and rekindled a love of photography in 2013. After working as a photographer part-time in South Florida, I found my passion in working with happy people. I especially developed a love for wedding photography…seeing so much excitement and joy from couples in love, while in a fast-paced environment, is where I feel most at home. Fast forward to now and I’ve branched out on my own and created Nova One Photography. This business is blessed to have the perfect assistant in my lovely wife, Sam. Without her love and support, the business would not be what it is today. In addition, because we are a husband and wife team, we understand all the joy and happiness that your feeling on your wedding day. By getting to know you ahead of your event, we are better able to capture each special moment, without interrupting them, as they unfold on your perfect day.

Photography is our passion and we can’t wait to share that passion with you!

meet steve and sam

make your day unforgettable

We strive to find out what your story is - how you met, what you love about each other and what makes you laugh together. With those details, we are able to better tell your story and capture the moments that will become your memories. Each love story is beautiful but what makes our pictures stunning is having this story told organically.  

What makes nova one photography unique?

We have worked at many different venues all across south and central Florida so hopefully we’ve been there before! If your venue is new to us, we’ll take time before your event to visit the site and become familiar with it so on your wedding day, we aren’t wasting time but rather enjoying all the great spots that your venue has to offer. 

Have you photographed at our venue?

While working with a client, we absolutely love when we earn their complete creative trust. This allows us to witness you and all your true emotions felt leading up to and on your actual wedding day. When we earn your trust, everyone is more relaxed and can truly enjoy each moment. It's your unbridled joy that always comes out in the photos and takes something from beautiful to stunning!

Apart from work, we enjoy travelling across the world and spending time with those we love, especially our beautiful fur-baby. But even in our personal lives, we live with a camera in hand! When pictures say 1,000 words, we want our life to say as much as possible...don't you? 

What are you and your wife’s favorite things?